Top Five: Favorite Female Anime Protagonists

I think we don’t have enough strong female protagonists in anime. But when we do, we get treated to some of the best characters in all of anime. Not a huge fan of how some of the designs were made for some of these characters. Nonetheless, that does not take away as to how awesome these characters are. This list is in no particular order so lets begin!

1. Ryuko Matoi – Kill La Kill

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Ryuko is a badass that kicks butts and takes names (or in this case takes their clothes). She has no problems confronting you and will cut you down with her scissor blade. Remember that tom boy girl in school, well that’s Ryuko. She may be intimidating but she can be kind if you don’t piss her off that is.

2. Akame – Akame Ga Kill

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I may be cheating with this one since it’s arguable that Tatsumi is the main character in Akame Ga Kill. But I would say the protagonists are both Tatsumi and Akame. Plus I don’t see Tatsumi’s name in the title so…anyway back to Akame. Akame is a simple character that you would think is just a regular girl. But she has a blade that can literally kill you with a scratch. Her whole life she’s been a fighter and will fight to take down the Empire with whatever means necessary.

3. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari – Little Witch Academia

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Akko is the embodiment of sweet, caring, and determination. Each episode you want her to succeed in whatever she is doing. This girl is such a lovable character that you will want to help her out as well. But she rather get things done on her own. Akko is definitely stubborn but she eventually starts maturing from that stubbornness. I mean come on how can you not like her, she’s also the funniest female character in probably all of anime.

4. Saya Otonashi – Blood+

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It’s not easy being a pure-blooded chiropteran. Saya’s backstory is probably the most saddest out of all these characters. She has to kill her sister, and sees most of her loved ones die. In the beginning of Blood+ she really was just a high school teenage girl. Imagine thinking that was your reality but then you realize you have to kill these monster looking creatures that are trying to kill you and your family. Then you have to embark on a search to stop her sister and then plan on ending your own life as well. Saya’s entire background is sad and I can’t feel but sorry for her.

5. Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

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Finally we have the Major, or Motoko Kusanangi. Her outfit is suspect since she’s technically a government official. Not sure why she has to fight criminals like that but whatever I digress. The major is a certified badass and one of the first anime I watched where a female was the protagonist. She is a calm, cool, and intelligent cyborg. Criminals should tread water lightly when going up against her or you might not be able to escape her.