Top Five: Top Five Magical Attacks


This top five list is not in any particular order and only features magical attacks. This proved a little  difficult to make because we focused on attacks labeled as magic, not Ki, Nen, Reishi, Devil Fruit, psychic or Alchemy. Note: This list is made up of anime that either leeknow or myself have seen, we understand that it might not contain all the best magical attacks and we are open to suggestions.


Top five magical attacks

Konosuba: Explosion

Megumin from Konosuba might be the literally definition of “One Pump Chump” due to the fact that she can only use her explosion once before becoming incapacitated. But a single attack of this caliber is all you need to get the job done.
Sting & rogue: fusion attack (7:00)

It may be true that Natsu is OP because he never loses, especially after receiving a power boost from Ultear but this unison should have given him a run for his money. It was mentioned that only a few and  highly skilled wizards can combine their power because it has to be in perfect harmony.

Fate/ Stay night unlimited blade works: Excalibur

King Arthur is one the most famous kings known throughout history and excalibur is known as one of the most famous holy swords. In fate/stay night UBW, she uses excalibur to deal the final blow and destroy the holy grail.

Magi: Sin bad Baal dijinn attack (0:46)

Sinbad, lord of the 7 seas. They only hinted his strength in the first Magi season and apparently he’s been holding back. He didn’t conquer all those dungeons and obtained all those weapons due to sheer luck. He became so powerful that he’s been banned from conquering another dungeon and obtaining more weapons.

Irregular at magic high school: Material burst

Being labeled as a “Weed” because the current testing protocols only measure magical competency, Tatsuya is far from incompetent. He possesses extraordinary physical fighting experience and unique magical abilities such as decomposition that allow his to dismantle matter or magical sequences. Material Burst is the ultimate form of decomposition because he dismantles the chemical bonds in water to release a massive amount of energy and creates an explosion.