Why I watch anime?

Like many people who currently watch anime, they started off at a younger age thinking they were watching cartoons. The shows that I remember catching my attention were DragonBall Z of course, but also shows like G Gundam, Inuyasha, Bleach,  Full Metal Alchemist, etc.. But as the years went by, I never stopped, it actually got worse. During breaks from school I would binge watch anime like no one’s business. One summer I binged Bleach from beginning to up to date at the time (and yes all the fillers). I would never tell anyone outside my house hold because I was embarrassed that as a teenager, I would rather stay inside and watch anime versus go outside and play.

Now that Im older and openly express my love for anime, people will often ask me why I watch anime? Well my career is in an intensive STEM field, science to be exact, and through my many years of schooling I have learn a lot about the current physical laws that make up the world. Anime gives me a sense of escapism by telling stories of science fiction, fantasy, and magic. I would like to imagine controlling the flow of energy by manipulating electrons or other molecules to perform various task. I often apply current research issues or theories to my imagination such as adding correctional RNA synthase to the reverse transcriptase RNA in HIV production or manipulating water molecules in the air to condense into water or freeze into ice. I love anime that use science fiction in their story such as The Irregular at Magic High School, I know it will never exist but in theory some of the technology could be plausible one day. As Einstein once said, we are limited by the technology of our time.

Anime gives me the creative jump to dive into a world of fiction and escape reality for a little bit. Sometimes taking a break helps to refresh the mind and prepare for the next daily task. That is part of the reason why Lino and myself started this blog, to connect with others who share the same interest and love for the media.


*I claim no ownership of the image. It belongs to CrimsonKanji on https://crimsonkanji.deviantart.com/art/Escapism-154267851